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Didicar Blog e Jornal

Me the Man and the Baby


Uma revisão completa do Didicar Walk`n Ride - maio 2013

Seu disenho único e diferente ajuda o jogo atraente para seu bebê, permitindo que o jogo de forma independente e ganhar auto-confiança...

Se você quiser ver o artigo completo  clique aqui


I Heart Motherhood


Um “teste global” a Didicar ® Original - maio 2013

Enviou-nos recentemente  um Didicar Vermelho para provar. Eu estava um pouco preocupado no início, porque nós temos uma casa pequena e Didicar não é um veículo pequeno. No entanto, forneceu o máximo de diversão e felicidade de que ele veio para o nosso filho Noah ....

Se você quiser ver o artigo completo clique aqui.


Mellow Mummy


Um “examen” ao Didicar - maio 2013

Didicar ® é muito divertido é apenas o tipo de coisas que você ama em casa e a nossa família. Didicar é um carrinho de brinquedo original apropriado para os membros da família de todas as idades e nós amamos isso!...

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This Mummy Loves...


A review of the original didicar - May 2013

A few weeks back we were sent The Original Didicar to review. To be honest with you I had never heard of them before this and when I agreed to review it I thought it was just a ride-on that Maxwell could use. Therefore I was very pleasantly surprised when it arrived and I read the instructions!.

The full review can be seen here.


Whats Good To Do


A review of the didicar Walk n' Ride - April 2013

I have twin boys so was over the moon to receive this Didicar Walk 'n Ride to review. The walking trainer is very sturdy and is clearly made from high quality materials. I was relieved to see that it wasn't too tall to sit on (seat height 25cm).

The full review can be seen here.


Early Years Educator magazine

"didicar is a highly original toy that scores full marks for both fun and appeal."

The simple, attractive and boldly coloured design cries out: 'Ride me!'

Despite having no pedals or motor, this is no 'feet to floor' ride-on. didicar applies the physical laws of gravity to propel it along (both forwards and backwards) by using the child's own effort in turning the steering wheel from left to right with their arms and upper body strength, while their feet are elevated and at rest beneath the steering wheel.

This makes it accessible to some children who may have problems using their legs.

A little girl in our setting who is paralysed from the waist down … [went] on to ride the didicar independently for half an hour.

The car is easy to lift, carry and store. It is compact, has no sharp edges, is made of durable plastic and has no running expenses other than a child's effort and energy.

It is ideal and safe to use on a variety of surfaces from paths, block paving and smooth tarmac to wooden, laminate, tiled or linoleum floors.

didicar is ideal for promoting exercise in any setting and supports the physical development area of the curriculum in terms of developing balance, co-ordination, speed and spatial awareness.

The creative shape of the didicar also lends itself to imaginary play. I enjoyed watching both girls and boys pretend it was anything from a spaceship, a rocket, a racing car and even Cinderella's lost slipper.

Children are fascinated by how the steering system works and are highly sociable when designing assault courses for the didicar, showing a friend how to steer or while engaging in the imaginary play it promotes.

didicar is a bargain for any setting for all the fun and physical development it promotes so effortlessly.


Practical Pre-School Awards

"Both adults and children were immediately attracted to this unique toy; all testers said that they had never seen anything like it. It was incredibly popular and was not left unused for the whole testing period.

Testers commented on the toy's durability and its flexibility of use, eg. light enough to be used indoors. Testers felt it helped to encourage physical development and sharing skills.

One tester said the age range should be 3 to 53, as adults loved it too. The didicar is brilliant."


Practical Professional Child Care

"If you have younger children who get their legs into knots when they try to pedal then the didicar is for you. It's a new ride-on toy for younger children which doesn't have pedals or even require children to use their feet to push. As the child turns the steering wheel then this force is translated into a forward or backward motion.

It rides low to the ground and is suitable for most hard surfaces indoors and outdoors. It can take up to 125kg (220 lb) so can also carry an enthusiastic adult or older children

Available in red, blue, yellow and purple over the web…"


Practical Parenting

"Ride it! This ingenious ride-on toy, the didicar, is powered just by turning the wheel to the left and right. No batteries, no pedals - it's that simple! Suitable from 3 years."


Sunday Times

"The didicar is a children's ride-on car with a difference - the effort in turning the steering wheel left and right translates into forward motion. The car encourages children to combine imagination and muscle power with balance and co-ordination.

Suitable for children aged three and upwards it conforms with European toy safety regulations."



Wow! It's not often we start a review with one word, but we are absolutely taken by this amazing toy!

Not only does it look fantastic, super sturdy with sleek, clean lines similar to the best of top sports cars (you can even accessorise with themed stickers!), but its movements are so smooth you almost glide along like magic!

In fact it must be magic, because simply by turning the steering wheel from left to right didicar will move forwards on its own!

Endless fun for kids and at £39.99 (plus P&P) superb value for money. Ideal for indoor and outdoor play, didicar is well made and can even carry a 100kg (220lbs) adult, so parents and big brothers and sisters can join in the fun!


Nursery Education

" [didicar is] ... a unique new ride-on toy that is powered via the steering wheel instead of the traditional 'feet to floor' method. Weighing in at just 3.8kg, the car is easy to store and transport, yet sturdy enough to cope with the most enthusiastic of young riders.

didicar comes in a range of eye-catching colours."


Parents News

"didicar is an unusual ride-on toy that applies the laws of gravity to propel it along.

We liked the fact that it's robust, the chassis looks solid and the simple design means there's nothing much to go wrong.

We all need to encourage young children to exercise and didicar will make it fun.

[didicar] is easy to use and will encourage good motor skills and co-ordination.

We tried it on tarmac, garden and pavement, which it coped with, [as] it has been developed for use on a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces, including wooden, laminate tiled and linoleum floors."

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